H3I Initiative

Call for Proposals 2016

We invite members of the College of Liberal Arts to send proposals for High Impact Instructional Innovations (H3I) that will transform some part of the educational experience for undergraduates or graduate students.  High impact practices are those in which “…students actively pose and solve problems, work collaboratively in a community of peers, experience real-world applications of knowledge, and reflect on their learning processes.”  We expect awards to range from $3,000 – $10,000 varying in amount, based on the scope and impact of the project.

 The program description (accessible online) includes these sections as well as detailed sections on eligibility, budget, and the priorities of the H3I initiative:

 Proposal Requirements

 Full proposals should be limited to 2 pages (excluding budget).

  1. Project description:  What challenge(s) do you wish to address?  What H3I activity/activities do you propose?  What are their objectives?  What is your strategy for achieving these objectives? What pedagogy or andragogy is involved?
  2. Significance: Why did you choose this particular H3I activity/activities?   How does this project align with your course, program (graduate or undergraduate), or University undergraduate learning outcomes?  How many students will be impacted?
  3. Challenges: What do you anticipate to be difficult to implement for your plan?  What resources or workshops that may help?Sustainability: How do you plan to sustain this change in practice?
  4. Preliminary plan for evaluation: How will the success of the project be evaluated? Funded projects require a detailed final report and evaluation.
  5. Detailed budget (excluded from page count): Please provide a detailed budget with line item justification.
 Proposal Assessment

 Proposals will be judged on the following:

  • The challenges and needs the project meets
  • Degree of high impact practice integrated into the class or curriculum
  • Innovation and creativity including how the project may draw students in
  • Alignment with course, program (graduate or undergraduate), or University undergraduate learning outcomes
  • Impact such as the number of students affected or the community reached
  • Feasibility including personnel and resources
 Proposal Resources

When applicable, please engage me in the development of your proposal.  I will be happy to help with any aspect of the H3I initiative including brainstorming, working through pedagogy/andragogy, determining the role of technology in your proposal, and helping with the project budget.

Proposals will be due from your department head or program director to balfour@tamu.edu on Friday, 15 April 2016.  We expect to notify all those who submit proposals about funding by 29 April 2016.