Automate Grading

Automated Grading using technology is considered a time-saving tool. Tools like eCampus, Turn-it-in, and CPR makes grading of tests and assignments less tedious for instructors.

eCampus Tests

For more information on creating and grading tests on eCampus, go to the Blackboard Help site.

Turn-it-in Assignments 

Refer to the Instructor Training videos to get started with Turn-it-in.

  • Originality Reports – to minimize plagiarism
  • Voice Comments – for quick feedback
  • Grading Rubrics – easy and quick grading
  • Peer Review – Turn-it-in facilitates peer review so that students can evaluate each other’s work and learn from their peers.

Calibrated Peer Review

CPR is a web-based platform for training students how to perform high-quality peer evaluations.  Students submit work through CPR, learn how to evaluate that work with their instructor’s rubric, perform evaluations of their peers’ work weighted by how proficient they are at using their instructor’s rubric, and finally perform a self-evaluation of their own work with their instructors rubric.  Students can get feedback from their instructor and peers depending on the settings chosen.  CPR has an established scholarly record with many publications available on UCLA’s website.