• Over 3,300 psychologists and their students are part of the Association of Psychological Science Wikipedia Initiative to review and edit Wikipedia articles as part of courses.  A study of this practice has shown motivational benefits for students as well as improvement of the scientific content in Wikipedia.
  • If students are doing projects in class, they can be assigned to use their smart devices to gather information necessary to complete those projects.
  • Students can also be assigned to find the best TED talk or other video to illustrate a concept and present it to their peers.
  • Webquests for information, images, current news, historical documents, digital humanities projects and finding other digital artifacts for presentation or peer review have been popular exploration activities.
  • Our Library has online research guides for many courses
Resources to Encourage Exploration
Tool or idea Implementation Ideas—You can always contact us!
Wikipedia APS Wikipedia Initiative
Phones for class work Feedback and collecting data, looking up facts and photographing writing on whiteboards, collaborative writing with GoogleDocs.
TED Talks Bill Meador’s Teaching with TED, Have students build a TED-Ed module
Talks at Google As above
Webquests Webquest.org
Seven DH projects Have students use these as source material for papers, videos, websites, tweets.
Research Guides <- Texas A&M Library Research Guide by course.