• Have students create an ePortfolio of their work in your class, minor, or major.  ePortfolios contain artifacts, reflections on learning related to those artifacts, and a summary of learning across the artifacts.  ePortfolios can be tailored or modified to demonstrate skills and knowledge a future employer might be interested in.
  • Use game-based principles to encourage learning –
    • Allow repetition of low stakes assignments until the student is happy with their score using eCampus
    • Use selective release in eCampus so that content becomes available only after the student has satisfactorily completed a set of tasks
    • Create a badge system in class perhaps using the number of course modules each student has released using eCampus
  • Assess student preconceptions and interests about your course material in the first week of class using eCampus and use that information throughout the semester.
Tools to Heighten Relevance:
Tool Where to get it. Instructions for using it.  You can always contact us!
LA Learning Portfolios CLA Learning Portfolio Template ePortfolios Guide
Journalism Studies Professional Portfolios Journalism Studies Professional Portfolio Template Wix – free website builder 
ePortfolios Google Apps for Education ePortfolios with Google Apps by Cindy Raisor
ePortfolios Google Apps for Education ePortfolios with Google Apps by Helen Barrett
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